Friday, July 30, 2010

Please Don't Let Go. Pretty please?

Singing bout you, at the start of this song, Im hoping you ll smile and then sing along,
Cause you're a fine piece of art, but it just doesn't go with my broken heart.

Please don't let go, I ve been trying to mend this broken and I can't do it alone,
I need you by my side cause im accident prone.

Seeing you smile sets my heart aglow, im the ugly pigeon, you're the pretty swallow,
I will never ever put you on hold.

Because it may seem so random, that im falling for you,
Don't wipe off that smile,
And please keep the clear skies blue.

Imma Like You!

You say we're both little and we like it that way,
But in time im gonna put this body to shame,
and grow old, wear a suit like my old man,
pack up my things and get my ass out of town.

We've got it good, whether you like this town or not,
I know its small but with a big head its bound to get hot,
In the summer but the summer is a bummer,
If you can't leave, this pathetic excuse for a town.

That holds all your memories, a lifetime of crushes and your broken dreams,
I'd be anywhere but here, but baby anywhere is away from me.

If you've got it all figured out,
Then what is there to shout about,
This mid west town, is gonna miss you,
So go ahead and work it out, but first come on and let it out,
Scream and shout and tell everybody that you're gonna leave.

I need you. More than ever. Only problem is you don't even know I need you.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello dead blog nice to see you again. I need hug. Quite sure you can't give one since you re just numbers and stuff like that.

Head's pretty messed up now.
I need sleep.
I need food.
I need everything that will keep me going.
But most of all.
I need you.
So badly.

Problem is, im going crazy.
Probably your fault,
Since you blow me away with one smile.
Great now I feel even worse.
Night world.
Night to you too.