Friday, May 28, 2010


Sitting at friday's alongside your childhood friends helps doesn't it?
Mac and cheese, a few shots of tequila, helps doesn't it?
Talking bout power rangers, pokemon and digimon, helps doesn't it?
Talking bout how we used to look like 10 years ago and now, helps doesn't it?
Humming a few tunes together, helps doesn't it?
Having a real shitty unproductive jam session. Helps doesn't it?
Laughing. Helps doesn't it?

Helps me get my mind off you.
No, seriously.
If I've learned anything today.
Its this.
I need to..........
But for how long?
God knows.

Caviar and cigarettes,
She's a dynamite and a laserbeam
Killer Queen. - Queen

G'night cruel world.

Monday, May 24, 2010


No, im not going through depression. Although Im having a hard time trying to tell myself that everything's fine. Truth be told its not. Wait actually, it is. Wait, its not.

Doubts fill my mind everyday.
I worry more about the band than my studies.
That's a bad thing and I know that.
Its just that, I don't want to see The Monkeys crumble like how Resemblance is crumbling now.
I know, I know you guys are saying ''People have to move on in what they wanna do''.
Will it come to an end? God knows.
I'd like to post a picture of myself everytime I blog, but that'll just come off as. Gay or in other words
Justin Bieber.

Oh, I finally met sophira. She the very cool.

On the lighter side of life.

I want my wife to hold my kid like this.
''Honey, don't let him fall aight?''.

That's if I ever get married of course.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I fell

If I fell in love with you,
Would you promise to be true,
And help me understand,
Cause I ve been in love before,
And I found that love was more,
Than just holding hands.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Boy

Alex tan, of all people organized a suprise party for me. heh.
Good guy, good guy.
Im 18.
Time to start acting like my age and not my shoe size :).

Here it is, some pictures that they took of my ugly 18 year old face.

This was taken, urm how many years ago?. When we were 13 I think.

This was taken 3 days ago, when I turned  18.
Thanks alex.
This was one very meaningful birthday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little Help From My Friends

I did two videos.
I think they sound like crap.
But muka tebal la.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Please please.

No seriously what do you expect me to do?
Its not my fault that Im in college.
Pissing me off for heavens sake.

On a lighter note,
Happy birthday YiChing :)
So this will be the 10th year im knowing you?

Hope you had a great one.
I look bad.

Monday, May 3, 2010


How bout some maroon coloured converse people?
I want that for my birthday pwetty please.
Speaking of maroon.
Maroon 5 has played a pretty big part in my music life.
Starting off as Kara's Flowers, they brought in james valentine and decided to change the band to Maroon 5. No idea.

Here's their so called failed flop song from their first album.
Soap Disco.

And then came,

Watch out for a cover coming out soon. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Of skinny jeans and other pieces of clothings.

Fine, I admit to being a hypocrite.
For a period of time, I had something against guys who wore tight jeans. Literally.
When I was in singapore, I would laugh at guys who wore skinny jeans with checkered shirts by calling them ''Oo look mum, gay boys roaming the streets.''
A few months down the road, Im wearing them.
What can I say, they are comfortable. Cept for the ones which are so tight when you ask for a bigger size the sales dude goes, ''Urm, these are for girls.''.
I tried on a pair of cheap mondays last week.
Oh pain I felt. Literally.
Come, come let me show you the difference.

Look at that,
That is just wrong for a guy.
Those are cheap monday jeans.
Now, for the ones from topman.

Now, this isn't so bad ain't it?
At least you still can breathe in them.

That's all.
Im promoting The Asparagus Monkeys here.
Go to our facebook and check us out.
Support needed. :)